Why St Petersburg?

St Petersburg has been described as being even more beautiful than Venice, so with so many cruise lines offering Baltic cruises, many of which give you the chance to stay overnight in St Petersburg, here are some of the top reason why a Baltic cruise should be the top of your list.

Russian Ballet
The establishment and evolution of Russian Ballet has become a cultural brand of the Country with St Petersburg regarded as the Ballet Mecca.

The ‘White nights’

From late May to early July the nights in St Petersburg are so bright it could almost be daytime.

Exceptional art collections
Combined with exceptional architecture, The Hermitage is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world, their collections accumulate to almost 3 million items.

Magnificent Palaces

St Petersburg is renowned for its ornate baroque palaces. The winter palace, the Peterhof Palace, and The Catherine Palace are all spectacular examples.

Churches and Cathedrals
St Petersburg is renowned for its impressive churches and cathedrals including St Isaacs Cathedral, The Church of Our Saviour on the spilled blood, and the Kazan Cathedral.

Fantastic architecture
The city is a treasure trove of gold clad domes, cathedrals, palaces, wide elegant streets and broad curving canals.

Cunard have some excellent 14 night itineraries available in July and August on the Queen Victoria with prices starting from £1599per person.
Give me a call on 0800 408 6122 to find out more or have a look on-line for full Itineraries here……

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