We Loved Ireland…

After Christmas, along with two of my best friends we decided to jump in our camper van and head over to Ireland to spend the New Year in Cork. Being a bit of a last minute decision we booked the ferry, set the Satnav, filled the van with several bottles of wine and spirits and hit the road.

We drove 3 1/2 hours down to Fishguard, took the 4 hour crossing into Rosslare, then headed to Tipperary for the first night to meet our other two friends who had headed out the week before. Instead of us Brits thinking the Irish are a bit crazy, it was sure to be the other way round as we were nearly the only vans on the Camp Site. The snow was beautiful up on the mountains and the temperature was certainly a bit fresh.

We set off the next morning heading for the west coast to discover the Ring of Kerry, the views were stunning, we had a great selection of tunes to get us in the mood and Kelly being the attentive hostess on board keeping me and Anna topped up with drinks and snacks.

We headed for a stunning site to pitch up for a couple of nights right on the coast. The views in the morning were spectacular, we had a storm on the first night and were woke at 5am to thunder and lightening, the van was rocking in the wind and then the bolt of lightening came down, my mates were a little panicked but I’m there with the good old iphone filming it all. Great fun.

We spent hours talking, joking, laughing, putting the world to rights with several glasses of wine and Baileys. We all agreed we’d never laughed so much in years, the tears rolled down our cheeks most nights.

After 2 nights we headed off to Cork to drop into Blarney Castle to kiss the old stone for a bit of Irish luck and spend our last night in ‘Oliver Plunket Bar’ with a great live band, and plenty of people out dancing, having a great evening, seeing in the new year.

On New Years morning we woke up to a huge rainbow over the top of our vans, we were all sure somebody was with us giving us a sign that this years going to be a good one, looks like kissing that stone did the trick, we’ve got Irish luck on our side this year.

Safe to say this was for sure the Best New Year I’ve ever had, and we’d have to go a long way to top it. Great friends, great wine, fantastic memories. Roll on 2018……………






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