Viking nipped it in the bud…………

Viking hit the press this week in a big way when the ‘Viking Sky’ lost power and ran into an emergency situation losing engine power and drifting off the coast of Norway. 915 passengers and 458 crew were onboard when she suffered engine failure between Tromso and Stavanger last weekend, roughly half the passengers were airlifted to safety. I can only imagine how frightened passengers must have felt on-board, especially those who were airlifted. If this was your first cruise I’m not sure you would want to be taking another any time in the near future. It’s amazing that only approximately 20 passengers were injured.

However, what has become quite apparent this week is the marvelous way Viking handled this situation keeping passengers informed as much as possible and offering compensation very quickly after the incident happened, they nipped it in the bud, well done Viking.

Just goes to show no matter how big the problem or situation, it is usually how it is handled that makes a big difference. Viking have offered passengers a full refund for their cruise and also offered them a complimentary cruise to install their faith back in their Company.

I have booked Viking for many years and took a fantastic River Cruise with them a few years ago. This story has quickly become old news and I do believe this is mainly due to the way in which Viking quickly handled thing and ensured the safety of their passengers was their number one priority.

I do hope these passengers will travel with Viking again and this incident has not scared them off cruising all together.

Company founder and chairman Torstein Hagen said………..

“The past few days have been stressful and hectic for both guests and crew alike.

I would like to personally apologise for what our guests experienced.

I would also like to say how impressed and grateful I am for the efforts of the national rescue services, rescue personnel, local authorities and the people along the Møre coast, and thank them for the concern and generosity they have shown our guests.

I would also like to express my thanks to the crew on board the Viking Sky for their efforts and dedication.”


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