On board Celebrity Infinity

Having a fantastic time currently on board the Celebrity Infinity with 5 fellow work colleagues. With a brief encounter with Heston Blumenthal at the airport we knew we were in for some fine dining experiences. Best experience so far has to be the Qsine speciality restaurant.

The best way to describe this dining experience is to imagine you are waiting at the gate of Willy Wonkers famous chocolate factory. Instead of being handed a ‘golden ticket’ an ipad is placed in your hands. You are then taken on a visual tour by your personal waiter through twenty different platters described on the ipad for you to select which dishes you wish to order. As we were sampling Qsine to entice future customers our waiter thought it only fair to bring us a sample of every dish on the Menu. The dishes ranged from every Country imaginable, presented on novelty presentation platters, Popcorn fish & chips in a popcorn cone, Strawberry fields – chocolate covered fruits disguised as flowers in a field of grass. You have to see these dishes to fully appreciate the meticulous time and effort that has gone into designing each one. I’ve taken photos of every course so I’ll be blogging those on my return. My personal tip for Qsine is little and not often, try a very small portion of everything. Being vegetarian I was glad that I got to observe many courses, watching my fellow colleagues diving in and see the sheer delight on their faces. Great fun, worth the supplement.

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