Oh dear P&O

With so many of my regular P&O passengers being elated when the Adonia returned back to the P&O fleet, again they have to go through the same disappointment to see her go.

What on earth are you doing P&O.

This is something I always get my bee in a bonnet about!!!

Regular P&O cruisers, especially the more maturer clients just do not want the likes of the mighty mega ships. They cannot cope with the sheer size of 19 Decks of fun filled amusements, bars, and restaurants. They even struggle with a mid size ship.

One of my good past passengers has just returned off the Britannia, he won’t mind me saying he is 82. Although they had a good time he said that’s it for now, they probably will not cruise again.

‘What a nightmare, we kept getting lost, we were exhausted by the time we got to the place we needed to be.’ On more than one occasion they thought they were at the back of the ship and realised they were at the front, but could not face the thought of having to trek down the never ending deck to reach the other end, they were just happy to find a lift and hopefully make it back to their cabin before collapsing with exhaustion.

What a nightmare, never again. At least they can tick her off their list, and at least they made it home in one piece and we didn’t kill them off.

I really feel for the good loyal past passengers who have contributed thousands of pounds into P&O over many decades, but are now let down by the same Company they have supported by P&O no longer offering them a product that fits there needs.

Thank goodness for the likes of Fred Olsen and Cruise and Maritime who I’m sure will most welcome new business from the small ship lovers among us.



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