Meeting great clients……………..

It’s safe to say as Cruise consultants we have a fantastic job, not only do we get to sell a great product, we also get to chat with really lovely passengers. I’ve been very lucky over the last 10 years to build up a fantastic database of regular clients who I now really treat as my friends.

When I lost my partner 18 months ago, I was keen to get back into work to find some sense of normality with life again. A few of my passengers were aware I had been looking after Mark and were very understanding if they left me the odd voicemail and I didn’t manage to get back to them straight away, they were happy to wait till I got back into the office to sort out their queries and bookings.

I have to say when I returned they helped me hugely get back on my feet and would often put a smile on my face on the darkest of days, which I will always be truly thankful for. I tend to have a great rapport with many of my passengers, we know about each other’s lives and what we like to get up to outside of the cruise world too.

I was thrilled after sharing canal boating stories with my regular passengers Keith and Susan Fuller, when they told me they would be passing through Tardebigge, where I live, over the Bank Holiday on their Canal boat ‘Fullerdreams’ which they spend many months on exploring the English countryside, breaking it up with the cruises they’ve booked through me over the years.

It was great to meet them face to face, after years of phone calls, their hospitality was great and we managed to have a couple of hours together earlier this week exploring their boat and sharing travel stories. They spent the day making their way up the Tardegigge flight, the longest flight in the UK in the pouring rain, so when I got to their boat the log burner was smoking away and the mulled wine was poured, perfect…..

Thank you Keith and Susan for a great evening, lovely to meet you both in the flesh and share our traveling stories together…..

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