‘Is it all just a Dream……liner?’

With the Dreamliner being grounded all over the world, should Thomson be worried, are they playing it too cool?

Thomson is the UK launch Company for the B787 and should be taking its first aircraft delivery next month, however since all aircrafts have been grounded due to safety concerns with one of its parts, will it ever really happen?
The new Thomson Dreamliner is scheduled to start flying to Mexico and Florida in May, it has been the talk of every High Street store for the last 12 months.  Even though BA and Thomson have expressed their confidence in the Boeing  787 Dreamliner it may be that the aircraft will have to be grounded for longer than originally thought.

I know a lot of Thomson customers have been so looking forward to being the first passengers to travel the Dreamliner so lets hope they get to the bottom of this hiccup sooner rather than later…………….

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