Heading to the Caribbean?

With major hurricanes bartering through the United Stated and the Caribbean over the last couple of months I have received a huge amount of calls from obviously concerned passengers as to whether their cruise will still be happening, and if so will the itinerary still be the same.

Having worked in the Caribbean for a couple of years with Thomson I have been in the middle of a couple of Hurricanes and dealt with the aftermath too from evacuating Islands, to holding the fort in hurricane shelters, the most memorable one being in Dominican Republic where we were buckled down in the Hotels boarded up Casino for 48 hours. I remember passengers being so bored they used their time productively to read every piece of small print in their brochure to see what they could make a claim for.

The funniest attempt was a gentleman advising me he was entitled to compensation as the pool had been closed for over 24 hours!!! Despite the fact that he was completely unaware the pool was completely overflowed and had palm trees floating in it made me laugh! But none the less it was a brave attempt of putting in a claim.

The Caribbean bounces back pretty quickly after these storms as tourism is there main,  and for some islands their main source of income so it’s well within their interest to get things up and running pretty quickly.

For anybody with concerns on specific Islands details we have put together a quick and easy guide to give you the update on which islands are good and which may be switched on your itineraries. Either way the Cruise lines are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your Caribbean adventures go as smooth as possible.

To find out which destinations are still affected please click here for more information…………



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