Don’t miss the boat……

I had to smile last week when reading the article about a couple who were late to board their ship in Nassau, Bahamas. The ship had apparently waited twenty minutes longer than they had to for the couple to show up, however on shutting the doors and starting to pull away from the Port the couple finally showed up. They had to painfully watch the ship move way in slow motion with all their possessions on board. The video is quality to watch and I did have a little chuckle.

I can laugh about it as I’ve had a few near misses myself, I’m sure I’d feel far more sympathetic if I had actually missed a flight or ship departure.

I took the train to Birmingham last week, grabbed my ticket from the machine so not to get a fine,  ran up the stairs as I could see the train was already on the platform. As I walked onto the platform the trains breaks released and off she went leaving me and my friend on the Platform laughing that the driver had probably took great delight in knowing we had missed the train by seconds. The good thing was there was another train on it’s way in 17 minutes, the sun was shining so we sat and enjoyed our wait till the next train appeared.

Unfortunately, you just can’t jump into the Pilot boat at Ports when late to board a ship, and hope they will whisk you James Bond style to the aft of the ship to climb on board.

So the clear message of my blog this week is ‘Do not miss the boat, if you get off, be sure to make sure you get back on in time. If you go off independently ensure your watch or phone is carrying the correct time in sync with the ship.

It’s a costly day out if you miss the boat……………

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