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Having sold Cruises for over a decade I’ve seen a lot of change in the industry, it’s interesting to watch how the Market is evolving with the new generation of cruisers it entices along the way. To say I was shocked and disappointed recently with a young Royal Caribbean passenger being banned for life from their ships would be an understatement to say the least.

At 40 years of age I class myself as a youngish but slightly old fashioned cruiser. Enjoying the simple things in life, good food, good company, good entertainment, and a glass of wine in hand, I’m a happy sailor. I don’t need gimmicks, glass floors, bumper cars, zip wires, robotic bartenders, zip wires, West End shows and all the glitz & glamour.

I feel that certain lines only have themselves to blame enticing younger clientele on board to come and have fun fun fun! The fun never stops until it’s gone too far, things get out of hand and somebody does something stupid, gets hurt or even dies.

The 27 year old guy who thought it might be a good idea to jump off his balcony earlier this month 100 feet into the sea in my view showed no respect at all for his fellow passengers, staff members, or even the friends he was traveling with. His whole party got thrown off the ship after he was interviewed by shore staff who thought he was trying to commit suicide. No no no Royal Caribbean, he was just having fun with his mates.

I fear this is only a sign of more madness to come. As bigger ships are built it would seem that we are hearing about more people jumping overboard and crazy things happening on board. Last year my passengers onboard Royal Caribbean felt physically scared from the groups of youths on board blocking the lifts and staircases.

It’s scary to think what the next decade of cruising will bring, how will the cruise lines police the young generation of cruisers to come………

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