Cruising the River Severn

Last year a friend of mine bought a Narrowboat from Milton Keynes to live on, he asked me if I would help him navigate it back to Bromsgrove. The journey was an unforgettable experience as I hadn’t sailed a Narrowboat for a few years and thought it would be just like riding a bike, get back in the saddle and away you go. We hadn’t banked on torrential storms and flooded canals but never the less we arrived back in Bromsgrove with his Barge named ‘Stargazer’ in one piece.

So this year as soon as the weather got good we took Stargazer out last week over the Easter break and completed the Stourport Ring. It took 6 days. We stopped at Worcester, Stourport, Kinver, Merryhill, Birmingham & Alvechurch. It was also great this time as many of our friends had the chance to join us along the way.

The Weather was fantastic and the best day of all was Easter Saturday, it was the hottest day of the year so far and we cruised down the River Severn with all the rowing clubs, along side the Cathedral and even had time to stop off and feed the Swans.

 As always we took my faithful friend Fred the Chocolate lab. He sat on the back of the boat for 8 hours a day enjoying the sunshine and even took a dip in the canal when it got a bit too hot for him. He even enjoyed cruising through Gas Street in Birmingham as you will see on the video below.


Safe to say we have had yet another memorable boating adventure, helped along with far too much alcohol and great food, plus we also got to share it with some great friends including my mate Rich who works for

Here’s to the next adventure on Stargazer, we’ll be heading out on her over the Summer so I’ll keep you posted………


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