Venice – Are we in or out

After telling many passengers over the last six months they better book now before it’s too late to sail into Venice it would seem the tables have turned again. The ban which was put in place in November has now been lifting allowing ships in excess of 96,000 gross tonnes to once again sail along the Guidecca canal into the Cities main cruise terminal.

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A Port not to be missed

Whilst on board the Celebrity Infinity last month we stopped at Porto (O’Porto as the English call it ‘the Port’). I knew nothing about this destination which is quite unlike me as I normally research ports of call before I arrive to ensure not to miss anything. As this was a working vacation I was not sure we would have had the chance to visit so I did not want to get excited about a port I would not get chance to see.

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21st century sight seeing

If you fancy a different way to explore ports of call when cruising, look out for companies offering Segways to hire to make it easier & quicker to see the sights.

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Never been to Guernsey…………

A popular port on many ex Southampton sailings is Guernsey. On our Crown Princess cruise last month the last port of call was Guernsey, it was my favourite port of all. If you’ve never been, here’s what you’re missing…………

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‘‘Travelling down under’’

After chatting with one of my customers this week about her forthcoming cruise to Australia it bought back many memories from a few years ago of my own travels exploring the east coast. For those of you who are yet to travel down under, here are a few of my best bits that might just give you the urge to take the plunge.
We took a three night stay in Tokyo on the way to Sydney where my most memorable experience was getting up at the crack of dawn to travel two hours to one of the largest fish markets to be greeted at 6am with the most expensive Sushi breakfast I’m likely to ever have in my lifetime. Being vegetarian from the age of 10 and not a great lover of fish I can safely say three nights in Tokyo with no fish or meat on the menu was the longest three days of my life to date.
A trip to Sydney would not be complete without climbing the Sydney bridge taking in the stunning views of the Opera house and skyline (the night tour is the best), I must say tough it’s not for the faint hearted. It took us almost three hours to climb to the top and back down, but well worth it. I also got the chance to take in a performance at the opera house, although I will say the acoustics were not as good as the Birmingham Symphony hall in my opinion.
My favourite destination on the east coast by far was Byron Bay. I spent almost one week there staying in the Art Factory, sleeping in a re-conditioned bus, not quite the luxurious accommodation I’m used too now, however great fun. Late nightlife with live bands and great people, the perfect combination. The highlight of my trip was sky diving from 14,000 feet over Byron Bay, an experience I will never forget, and would definitely do again given half the chance.

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