Can’t wait for this…Drag River cruising

I love it when the Cruise industry really takes risks and tries something that Cruise clients would just not expect. This is a great example.

Every Cruiseline is always trying to outdo the other with competitive drinks packages, breathtaking entertainment, individual service, however, it takes something really special to make a Cruise stand out.

U River Cruises have just announced two unique River cruises for this Summer, one showcasing ‘Celebrity Drag Queens’, the second ‘Tatoo Artists’.

The celebrity drag queens onboard will include Jiggly Caliente, Darienne Lake and Phi Phi O’hara as seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the US reality show which competes contestants for America’s next drag superstar.

Celebrity tattoo artists onboard will include Steven Tefft, winner of US show Ink Master; Reese Hilburn, from programme Tattoo Nightmares Miami; and Bobby Moss and his wife and model Heather Moss.

As well as most passengers sharing a passion for either of these interests, they can also combine the experience with a fabulous 8 day River cruise through Germany sailing from Frankfurt to Regensburg.

The tattoo themed cruise will also feature a tattoo parlour crawl in one of the ports, I’m sure a few passengers may even take the opportunity to take home an inked souvenir from their travels.

I can’t wait to see how quickly these cruises sell and the feedback passengers give when they return. I love a themed cruise, I think it’s great to give likeminded passengers the chance to share their interests whilst combining them with a unique travel experience.

A few years ago we chartered a Garden River Cruise with Alan Titchmarsh which went down fantastic with our Garden cruise clients so I like to think may have paved the way forward for themed River cruises. What themes will they be offering ten years from now, only time will tell………………

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