Booooozzzy cruisers

Our online cruise community has recently been discussing the topic of drunken cruise passengers and whether crew members had the right to refuse service when they felt that enough was enough. I think this is a great subject to start discussing now before more and more cruises start getting out of hand with All inclusive drinks packages.

I’ve worked behind bars, of the alcoholic variety may I add for over 20 years and have refused service many times when things start getting out of hand, and it only takes one individual to bring a whole pub to a standstill. I’m not a big drinker myself and really don’t mind being the designated driver, I’ll often go out to see a band or just meet up with friends and not drink the whole night. I can safely so over the years I do appear to be in the minority category as many of my friends and family will often say have a drink, just a glass of wine, get a taxi but it really does not bother me, I can take it or leave it.

However that’s certainly not the case for the average holidaymaker, not when they’ve shelled out between £20 to £60 per day for their All inclusive drinks package. I definitely do think that Cruise staff have the right to tell passengers when they have reached their alcohol limit and are at risk to themselves as well as more importantly other passengers. I do think though more ships will need to start employing bouncers on board with the nations alcohol intake on the up. I don’t think the responsibility lies only with the bar staff either. The other risk adding to this situation of being out of control and heavily intoxicated is being onboard a ship is not the safest place to be. This has been shown recently with ship suicides and jumpers also on the increase.

What’s your thoughts, are you entitled to drink till you drop, after all you’ve paid for it……………..



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