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I always start my Cruise New Year with a very similar Blog, but if just one new person reads it and acts upon it then I’ve done my good turn for January. Having booked Cruises now for over 10 years, so many people still ask:-

How will I guarantee to get the best price for my Cruise????

When is the best time to book????

Where do I find the best deals???

Well as always the time is NOW, NOW, NOW……….Do not wait another second to start making plans for your forthcoming Cruise holiday. As always Cruise Lines have started the year with a BANG! offering:-

Large discounts

Extra On board £££££££’s

All inclusive drink packages

Free kids places

As well as this, the top Cruise Agents, obviously being the best, have also got some great deals for you too on top of the already fantastic deals from the Cruise Lines.

Our Turn of the Year Campagne keeps things simple, we’ve called it the ‘123 January Sale’

1 – £50 Discount Of Any Cruise 6 nights or more – Prices on our website are already discounted from 26th December
2 – On Board Credit On Every Cruise – already on our website
3 – £1pp deposit on sailings July 2019 onwards
Can’t say simpler than that can you. So, in a nutshell, don’t delay, make a call today. If you are looking for family cruises for Easter and School Summer Holidays 2019, places are running out fast. In fact, for a lot of availability I have checked over the last two weeks for this year, everything is selling really well, a lot of ships are very low or have completely run out of Balconies for their popular sailing dates.
If you are still thinking of taking the plunge and joining the Cruise World there’s not a better time than now, you never know you might just like it…..

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