Are You Loving Jane?

Have you been watching ‘Cruising with Jane McDonald? If not, check it out Fridays, 9pm, Chanel 5.

I don’t get much time these days to watch TV, and working within the cruise Industry, I’ll be completely honest, the last thing I want to be doing on a Friday night after a hectic week sorting cabins and flights is watching a program about Cruising. I’m normally down at my local with a glass of wine in hand.

However as we now have the wonderful world of Catch up TV, it just means I can watch what I want, when I want, therefore this gives me ample opportunity to catch up with a bit of Jane McDonald. I have to say, I am a fan, there’s just something about Jane that brings a smile to your face. She’s not always the most knowledgeable of Travel guides, however she’s always got her smart phone to hand to Google any destination she may land in. And let’s face it her pronunciation of certain destinations is not always spot on but then again we’re all guilty of that from time to time. I think that’s what I love about her, there’s no ‘airs & graces’, what you see is what you get, she’s one of us. It’s not always finally polished, she struts round the ship with her faithful selfie stick, having a bit of a flirt with any male member of staff she can find. You go Jane.

She’s made cruising more appealing to the average Jo. You don’t have to have bags of money to cruise and certainly don’t have to be high society.

I don’t think they could have chosen a better person to host this series. The proof is in the pudding.

The second series aired throughout September 2017, averaging at 1.7 million viewers per episode, made it the highest watched TV show on Channel 5 on Friday nights. It also gained seven per cent of the overall TV audience on a Friday night.

Keep up the good work Jane…………



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