Are you a big ship lover???

It was great to read my colleagues post last week when they returned off the Symphony of the seas. The ship looked fantastic and I can certainly see her selling well over the next year now that she’s officially afloat. With such a large range of activities to do on board including a fantastic water park, scary slides, fairground rides, every kind of dining cuisine you can think of she is definitely going to be a huge hit for families and the future for new passengers to cruise who are looking for the wow factor.

After sailing on the Navigator last year I can see why Royal Caribbean appeals to so many customers and our family had a great time with the Ice skating shows & such a range of cuisine in the buffet restaurant, not forgetting sitting in the hot tubs watching ‘Minions’ in the afternoon.

I have to say though I’m still more of a fan of a smaller ship, give me a River cruise or small ship any day. It’s each to their own, however with the volume of holiday makers  who now choose to cruise, it does make more sense to build bigger ships to house everybody else there would not be enough room on the ocean to get multiple ships in & out of Ports.

So if  you are big or small ship lover I say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I would still sail on the Symphony if not only to ride the slides all day and try out every speciality Restaurant there possibly is, just to tick it off my bucket list.

If you want to find out more check out Amy’s best bits on this recent post, it’s well worth a look at.

LIVE From Symphony Of The Seas: Size Up The World’s Largest Before Anybody Else




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