Titanic II….Is this really going to happen????

I received a text last night saying ‘If this is really going to happen you need to book me on it…..’
I had to smile when I read the attached headline but then after looking into it further, it would seem this could really be happening.
Australian businessman and politician Clive Palmer is currently building a replica of the Titanic and it is due to set sail in 2022.
She will be an identical copy of the infamous liner which sank in 1912, apart from being fitted with plenty of life boats, and she will have a welded, not riveted hull, plus modern navigation and radar equipment to spot icebergs!
The maiden voyage, however, will take passengers from Dubai to New York, with the first sailing scheduled to take place in 2022.
Blue Star Line says the nine-decked ship will be home to 835 cabins, set to accommodate 2,435 passengers. You’ll also be able to buy first, second, and third class tickets, just like on the original ship.
She will be fitted exactly like the original Titanic, including the grand staircase that plays a memorable role in the hit movie.
Is this in bad taste do you think? Or just a money making projet based on a true tragedy! Will she attract a huge amout of customers, or will passengers be too scared to try it in case she is doomed like the original.
Who knows only time will tell. I know for sure my stepson will be first in line for a ticket being a huge Titanic fan, it will certainly be on his ‘bucket list.
Meanwhile tourists with plenty of money to splash might soon have the chance to dive to the wreck of the original Titanic. American company OceanGate has scheduled diving trips for 2019, costing $105,129.00 per person, better start saving now, ha ha!!



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