Saddleworth show

Every year Saddleworth has a show to showcase local organisations, corporate businesses and charities.

The location is a farmers field next to a stream! Perfect really. There was ample parking in the field across the road and plenty of wardens to point you in the right direction!

The show has different stalls to explore ranging from car companies displaying their latest vehicles to the RSPCA with a mini petting farm. The goats were not too friendly!

There was a stage where you could enjoy live performances from wannabe singers dancers and performers. The dancing was from local schools and theatre workshops – they were amazing! Some of the singing was a not to my taste but it gave young performers the opportunity to perform live in front of a crowd which is a great experience. 

Street food served in different stalls, there were burgers, noodles, Chinese. There were plenty of ice cream vans and sweet stalls 

Of course, there was also a pop-up bar serving locally produced ales!

We first headed off to look for some rides for my daughter. There were swings which the children loved and tea cups which you could spin as they went past!  

She also had her face painted! Unicorns seemed to be the number one choice but she could do whatever they wanted! 

The RSPCA had a pig race – all toy fluffy pigs and the winner won a prize! Our pig came last!

We had a go at guessing how many beans were in a jar!

You could also have a pony ride!

The day finished with a duck race down the stream! Every duck had a number and the winner won a prize!

We had a great day and the weather was ok too! The sun kept making an appearance!

The day before was a mini-festival – we could hear the music from our house – I think we may attend next year! It is like a mini Glastonbury without famous people!

Thanks for reading!

Love Rosie xxx



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