Not your typical cruise with Celebrity…

It sounds like Celebrity cruises have a few things going wrong on their Infinity ship based in South America this winter.

Most reviews we receive reagrding Celebrity cruises are excellent and reflect the 5* staus in the cruising market. Guest to staff ratio means you have much more space to enjoy the facilities on-board.

My experience of Celebrity cruises was excellent. I cruised on the Celebrity Eclipse a couple of years ago and had the best time. The ship was amazing and I was very impressed with the quality of food and service.

I recently had a customer return from this cruise in January and although she had a great time, there were so many problems encountered due to one of the ships propellers

If they went above 17 Knotts it caused a vibration.

This caused delays so less time to enjoy what the ports had to offer.

When they sailed around Cape Horn there was a hurricane with winds over 100 miles per hour.

Thousands of bottles were smashed, and crockery fell off the shelves, corridors were closed to mop up sea water.

With all this in mind the next cruise sailed as planned knowing all the issues encountered on this trip!

Celebrity said they will eventually get parts and engineers will fix the propeller.

The next sailing was even worse! This sailing departed Buenos Aires to Antarctica

A guest contacted me and described the cruise as a ‘cruise to nowhere’! They formed a hashtag #celebritycruisefail on facebook and Twitter.

The 14-night cruise only spent 12 hours in port according to the guest! And 7 of those hours were spent in Montevideo.

The cruise was supposed to sail to the Falkland Islands and the ship couldn’t dock due to severe weather conditions.

The guest described how they feared for their lives as the ship sailed into a cyclone with one propeller. The ship listing and juddering throughout the entire cruise

They arrived in the only wildlife port which actually docked at 5pm instead of 8am and they had to do the wildlife tour in the dark.

Passengers who raised concerns on board were allegedly threatened to be detained under maritime law for attempting to cause a mutiny.

Celebrity cruises have apologised for the lack of ports visited, however cannot be held responsible for the weather.

I wonder how much of the cancelled ports was due to the weather or was it because of the damaged propeller?

Did you travel on this cruise in January? What did you think?

Have you travelled to this part of the world? what was the weather like?

I would love to hear your thoughts


Thank for reading

Love Rosie xxx



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