May Half term fun

May Half term fun

I have just had a lovely few days off with my family.

The weekend started off brilliantly with great weather. We managed a couple of trips out to the park and catching up with friends and family.

My mum was taken ill on Monday so I sent the whole day in A&E! The doctors were amazing!

The backlog, because it was a bank holiday meant that waiting times were up to 9 hours. That would have certainly put most minor injuries off!

My mum bypassed all the waiting and was eventually sorted. Her heart was going too fast and they tried a few things to slow it down including beater blockers and in the end, they had to shock her heart back to its normal rhythm. I have never heard of this before and always thought that shocking the heart was to start it beating but it is actually stopping and starting it. A bit like rebooting your laptop!

After a few days rest she was fine, just being careful not to over do things!

She was well enough on Friday to go to the pub for lovely fish and chips and she even managed a small glass of wine!

Later in the week, my friend went on holiday so we looked after her dog for the weekend! Oscar, the dog was very nervous at first and cried all the way home, in the car! He sat on my daughter, Ella’s knee and she stroked him to keep him calm!

It probably took him a couple of days to adjust before he was going back home!

We loved having him. We went for so many lovely walks and on Friday we managed to rack up over 20,000 steps!  

On the first night, I put up a camp bed next to mine so he could be close by. He seemed to like that! Ella never left his side and was very confident taking him out into the back yard and feeding him treats.

So now all I hear is..’ when I get a dog mummy I want to call it Lucy and it has to be a girl dog’

Oh dear!

How have you spent half term?

Hope it was good!

Thanks for reading

Love Rosie xxx

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