Farewell Thomas Cook

It is such a shame for all the staff who worked at Thomas Cook. I pray that they will all be back to work very soon.

There is so much love and support out there.

Cruise.co.uk posted on facebook offering the opportunity to apply for a homeworking position within the cruise market..

Also offering the chance to attend a webinar which will help ex-employees put together a CV and offer support and advice with interviews.

I have seen similar companies offering support.

Virgin trains offered staff free travel home

A local hairdresser offering a pamper session

Help online to travellers who will need to claim their money back

A flight from Vegas to Scotland – all had a whip-round to collect money for the staff who were working for free!

This is just a few examples.. There is a lot of love out there!

Social media has played a massive part in help and support for those affected.

There have also been reports of prices of flights being increased. 

Flights to Orlando increased to as much as £1500pp for a return ticket! European flights more than double the prices a week earlier.

All I can say is, best to play the waiting game. There are plenty of holidays around.

You will get your money back eventually.

There are still plenty of holidays and cruises available so the price hike is temporary, I am sure of it! 

I worked for Thomas Cook for many years. When I was at school I worked in the local shop on work experience and learnt so much for the staff and never forgot how kind they were. One of those staff members is still a very good friend of mine. 

I also worked for Thomas Cook as a cruise specialist for over 8 years before moving to cruise.co.uk

I could see too many changes and multi-task roles which in the end forced me to move to continue my cruise career. Best mover ever!

It is certainly the end of an era and although sad for all the staff there are plenty of opportunities out there

Thanks for reading

Love Rosie xx

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