The River Cruise Line saved as parent company goes bust


I was shocked at the end of last week when I started to hear reports that The River Cruise Line could cease trading.

I have personally sailed with The River Cruise Line in the past and had a great experience doing so. I think that they offer very good value for money and offer a product that can cost a lot less to book than some of their more luxurious rivals.

Unfortunately Diamond Shortbreak Holidays Ltd who were the parent company of The River Cruise Line announced that they had to go into administration due to financial difficulties.

It has been estimated that Diamond Shortbreak had almost 7000 forward bookings which are protected by ABTA.

Fortunately a company named Arena Travel has stepped in an acquired The River Cruise Line and says that they look to honor as many of the forward bookings as possible although direct customers without flights are still advised to contact ABTA and with flights to contact the CAA. Customers booked through travel agents should contact their agent for more information on how their booking may be affected.

It is still relatively early days after this has all happened and I haven’t heard any more detailed information but I hope that I that as many people as possible keep their holiday bookings in place and I am sorry to hear the news about Diamond Shortbreak and the people who must now be out of work.




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