Scary footage and new stories won’t put me off cruising

I am sure most of us have seen and heard through the news stories about the Viking ship that recently lost engine power dangerously close to the Norwegian coast line and many passengers being airlifted to safety.

There have also been plenty of videos in the news made by passengers showing the violent movements inside the ship as she rocks un-stabilised in the rough seas. Furniture flying from one side of the room to another is not a pretty sight.

I did have someone mention recently that these reports would put people off cruising but I don’t think that is too much of a problem personally. First of all I think most of us know that occurrences like this are extremely rare and the safety records of cruise lines in general is extremely good. Statistically cruising is a very safe way to travel. The same can also be said for flying on aircraft. I am not a keen flyer I have to say and I am never at ease or enjoy being on an plane. There is obviously plenty of footage from the news and television also showing what can happen when things go wrong on a flight and it certainly is horrifying. I do however still fly as I know that flying is statistically a very safe way to travel and things that we do every day mostly have some sort of risk involved in them. I can imagine that driving a car is statistically a lot more unsafe than cruising or flying and most of us do this regularly without batting an eyelid.

Let’s hope that with the recent terrible events that have happened in the air and at sea that nothing else like this happens again.





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