Norwegian Cruise Line Announce they will now be an All-Inclusive Cruise brand


Norwegian Cruise line have always like to do things a little differently to most other cruise lines and their Freestyle type cruising option has been very popular with many cruisers.

Having no mandatory formal dress nights and being able to eat where you like, when you like is a good option for people who don’t find more traditional cruise lines appealing.

Norwegian Cruise line are an American style 4 star cruise brand. I have sailed with them myself and don’t let the fact that they are more relaxed fool you into thinking they are lower in quality, I found they exceeded my expectations and am a large fan of their product personally.

One thing that can put me off with not just Norwegian Cruise Line but with other American cruise lines in general are the drinks prices on-board. Especially these days with the American dollar rate as it is and the extra gratuity charges added on.

Fortunately this will not be an issue with NCL anymore as they have announced that going forward from the 6th April 2017 their cruises will all be all-inclusive. A premium drinks package and gratuities will be included in all fares for UK passengers at least.

These fares will also be available in other countries but these do not include the US as yet.

NCL have had special offers going on for sometime now which have meant most guests could have included a drinks package as part of their deal on all cabin types, so that did work well in terms of trialing this I should imagine. Rather than to have this as a continuous special offer it does make more sense to just make the brand all-inclusive I think.



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