New Speciality dining option coming to UK based MSC ship

I have sailed with MSC a few times and will be sailing with them again in the not too distant future. I did notice that even though MSC’s ships are generally quite large, strangely they didn’t really have anything to offer in the way of speciality dining options.¬† Alternative cruise lines have been offering this and it makes good sense for them to do so, not only do they make the extra money from the supplement of you dining at the alternative venue, they also save on the cost of feeding you on an included option elsewhere.

The only supplementary option I have come across with MSC previously has been a supplementary T-Bone steak option on the menu in the main dining room (it was ok but by far the best steak I have had I am afraid).

Since I last sailed with MSC I know there have been some options added such as Eataly on-board Preziosa and Divina and Tex Mex on Fantasia so it does sound like MSC are starting to slowly get their act together on this.

MSC Cruises has revealed that they will now be adding their Butcher’s Cut speciality restaurant to MSC Preziosa from May 2019, she is spending this season sailing out of Southampton.

MSC Divina and MSC Fantasia will also get the popular restaurant fitted in May . This will replace Eataly on-board Preziosa and Divina, and Tex Mex on Fantasia.

Butcher’s Cut currently features on MSC’s Seaside and Meraviglia-class ships, including the line’s newest ship, Bellissima.

The American-style steakhouse serves prime cuts of steak, including filet mignon, ribeye or 38-ounce dry-aged tomahawk¬†(for two). There’s also a selection of seafood on the menu, including scallops, halibut and salmon.

The menu is priced a la carte, though a dinner price fix menu is available for $39 per person and the kid’s menu has a $12 set fee.

When I sail on Preziosa I will most definitely be trying this option out as I do love a good steak. I will be really interested to see how this stacks up in comparison to the competition of steak-houses I have experienced on other cruise lines.


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