NCL Ban stateroom door decorations in the latest of safety rules

Cruise line policies change over time and I have seen various ones come in over the years. Obviously ones have come in over smoking and the fire hazzards that can cause. Also rules about people bringing their own irons and hair straighteners are around and are completely understandable with regards to safety.

Other rules have come in such as P&O’s rule to ban fancy dress and “Any clothing that features inappropriate or offensive language, including novelty clothing with printed images or slogans” although that ruling didn’t seem to stop recent reported events on Britannia did it?

I have just learn’t of a new rule that has come in today from an article I read on cruise critic¬†

It says that some daily programs have warned against decorating doors with one announcement saying “As per safety requirements, stateroom door decorations are strictly prohibited. Your stateroom steward has been instructed to remove and place all decorations inside the room. Thank you for your understanding and compliance with this safety policy.”

Although Norwegian indicated the policy applies to all ships in the fleet, cruise critic members have noted that no such message appeared in recent daily schedules from Norwegian Joy or Norwegian Spirit.

Sometimes I wander how far will things like this eventually go? I thought maybe we will all have to drink out of plastic glasses ship-wide soon but then no, that won’t work as plastic is on the banned list too, maybe recyclable paper ones?

What is the strangest or funniest rule you have come across on a cruise ship recently?


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