Hamburg Port Anniversary a nice surprise whilst sailing on MSC Preziosa

I recently sailed from Southampton on the MSC Preziosa (I had a great time, more details on my previous blog). One of the highlights of this cruise was something which I didn’t even realise was taking place during our cruise and something which the captain had made some time changes for us to get to, the Hamburg Port Anniversary celebrations.

These celebrations have apparently been celebrated since 1977 to commemorate emperor Barbarossa declaring the port a custom-free zone back in 1189.

The celebrations are made of of hundreds of events along the Elbe river, there was a massive procession of ships and firework display which we had a superb view of from our ship.

I made a highlights video showing the view of us sailing up the river and the fireworks that followed which you can view below. This in my view was quite spectacular and I am really pleased we got to experience it. It was amazing how many people there were stood on the banks.


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