First Cruise ships to return to Tunisia since the 2015 attacks


We all know what awful events happened on a beach in Tunisia in 2015 as well as a gunman killing 21 people at a museum in Tunis.

Cruise lines stopped sailing to Tunisia because of this and I completely agree that was the right choice.

A ship has now returned to Tunisia, the MS Europa by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. I find the decision to sail there already a strange decision personally as I can see from checking the site for Tunisia they are either advising against all or all but essential travel to Tunisia. To stop there on a cruise holiday wouldn’t count as essential travel in my book.

I understand that these terror attacks were only made by a few and do not represent the countries inhabitants on the whole. I do feel sorry for good honest people who rely on tourism to make a living and have had it ruined by selfish extremist terrorists.

I personally wouldn’t feel safe in Tunisia at the moment though and if I was on a ship that docked there at the moment I wouldn’t be getting off, especially as this would be ignoring government advise.

I hope that eventually the travel restrictions will be lifted and over time people will return to Tunisia, after all I wouldn’t want the terrorists to win.

What do you think ? Would you head to Tunis on a cruise at the moment or would you fear for your security ?





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