Christmas isn’t meant to offend people

A good client of mine recently returned from a Celebrity Cruise over the Christmas and New Year period and was surprisingly disappointed with some aspects of it even though they have had highly positive experiences sailing with them previously.

One of the aspects of the cruise that my client was disappointed about was the lack of Christmas celebrations on-board. He said that there was no Turkey roast lunch on Christmas day or crackers on the tables, but what most surprised him was the fact that none of the crew would wish them Happy Christmas. My client says that the crew were advised that they could only wish guests “Happy Holiday” as opposed to “Happy Christmas” as not to cause offence to people. My client thought that this was ridiculous and I have to say that I quite agree.

I certainly don’t want to offend people and I completely understand that lots of people do not celebrate Christmas but surely if someone wishes someone Happy Christmas they must understand that it is not meant in an offensive manner?

What do you think? Do you think that this is right or not? Are you offended by people wishing you happy Christmas?



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