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My name is Ria and i have been working in Travel since August 2007. I first discovered how much i loved the industry when i did my work placement at age 15. I¬†enjoyed getting to know people¬†and talking to them about their favorite holidays. I then went on to study…

Posted on Nov 13, 2019
A lovely new addition for MSC

So the Grandiosa is finally here and has made herself known in Southampton. I had the pleasure of spending overnight on board along with many of MSC's guests and i have to say i honestly thought she is a brilliant addition to the fleet. Having experienced the Magnifica before i…

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Posted on Nov 1, 2019
When two become three

I was having a catch up with one of my customers the other day whilst booking her 2020 P&O cruise for her. We usually ask each other what's new and what have you been up to that sort of thing. I said to her 'oh guess what me and Jon…

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Posted on Oct 19, 2019
Singapore F1 2019

As promised I'll touch on the Singapore F1 from our recent trip last month. I wasn't that much of a fan before i went, i did follow it a little and knew most of the drivers. After seeing the race in real life i am much more of a fan…

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Posted on Oct 4, 2019
I can definitely see the attraction

If you managed to catch my last blog you will know me and Jonathan were off to Singapore to watch the F1 race. So many customers had told me 'You will love Singapore'. They weren't wrong. And i actually really enjoyed the race which was surprising. We flew with Etihad…

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Posted on Sep 20, 2019
Looking forward to a Grand weekend

By the time you read this we will have already watched the first qualifying and will be in bed ready for the next one. That's right, Jonathan can finally tick the Singapore Grand Prix off his bucket list as we are heading out for a city break to Singapore over…

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Posted on Sep 9, 2019
Another new first at sea

Those of you who keep an eye on the world of cruising will be hearing about many new ships and new features at sea. MSC have been one of the latest to announce they are creating the first Crystal Cabin at sea. MSC already have a partnership with Swarovski and…

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Posted on Aug 23, 2019
My one day holiday on the Azura

Last month i had the pleasure of spending the day on board the Azura with P&O. I was really looking forward to this as it was different to a usual ship visit. Yes we were shown around the cabins and taken around the main parts of the ship. But rather…

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Posted on Aug 13, 2019
Did you know Hong Kong had a Disney Land?

That's right Hong Kong has a Disney, we didn't know this either until a colleague told me. Being a Disney lover i just had to fine the time to go. We bought our park tickets in the UK before we went. We bought a days pass including return transport to…

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Posted on Jul 26, 2019
Hong Kong is really all that and Dim Sum

We finished up our wonderful tour of China with 4 nights in Hong Kong. I was very excited for Hong Kong as i had seen they have a Disney World there and heard it was one of the best after the Florida parks. I was also really looking forward to…

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Posted on Jul 12, 2019
My Grand Tour of China – Yangtze River , Three Gorges and War of the Three Kingdoms

Thank you everyone for following me on my amazing journey through China. If you have missed my previous blogs you can visit them by clicking here. So the next 3 days of the journey took us down a part of the Yangzte River. Starting and Chongqing and we finished at…

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