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Woman Shout’s Hey Hey

Now I have done many cruises in my time and when you go on shore you get plenty of warning about what time you have to be back on the ship. Whether it is the daily news letter or the giant sign you see when you get off the ship itself, how on earth then do so many people keep missing the ship’s at different ports.

For example, there was one on the 13th August on Carnival Legend at the port of Ketchikan and passengers can hear and see the woman shouting hey hey hey come back come back. I am not being funny if you miss a train or a bus then it’s tough you have missed it same goes for a cruise ship its tough you have missed it. Let me also point out if you do miss the cruise ship departure time it is at your own expense to either catch the ship up at the next port of call or to just fly home.

see below the picture and the video of the woman shouting for the ship to come back.


Have you ever missed the ship at a port of call or have you ever seen anyone missing the ship?

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 Paul    August 22nd, 2016     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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