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Well I Am Back

Well I am now back off adoption leave and this is my first day back in work, how my life has changed since I have been off. Whoever said having 2 children is easier really needs there head testing, it is damn hard work the bickering and fighting already and they are only 6 years and 19 months old lol.

The difference from a boy to a girl with just the attitude is so different. What I mean is she is so stubborn and doesn’t give when it comes to fighting with her brother or anyone to be honest. All I get told off family is well that’s a girl for you.

She is my world though and wouldn’t change her for a second both my children mean everything to me. I am sat here now typing this and already I feel as though I have lost part of my body as she is always trying to either fight me or clinging on to me.

So here she is my new baby Lexi, this was while we were in Skiathos 2 weeks ago ignore my stupid grin.


I could not leave the big brother Tyler out as he would go mad if he did not get a mention so here he is to.


And I have had one last addition to the family since I was last here back in September 2015, my new doggy Rocco.


So if you need me from now on give me a shout.

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 Paul    June 13th, 2016     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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