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Smarter Cruise Ships

The technology giant Samsung has partnered with MSC to bring us an even smarter more technical cruise ship and experience. MSC has revealed that the MSC Seaview will be the first with all this state of the art technology, what does all this mean well it will enable guests to use a cruise card, bracelet or smartphone to geo-locate themselves or their children, access their cabin or make payments while on-board.

Interactive screens are also being placed around the Seaview that will enable guests to book restaurants and excursions.

Beacon technology will also be used, sending customised, location-based notifications to a user’s phone as they move around the ship. Beacons are triggered when a connected device moves into their vicinity and have previously been used by some high street tours and will form part of the new Wembley Stadium tour.

MSC Seaview is due to take to begin service in June 2018.

My opinion on all this is really do we need all this do we really need to know where someone else is in your party on the ship, it’s going like big brother they will know everything we are doing on these ships. Is this a good or bad thing what’s your thoughts?

 Paul    July 12th, 2016     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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