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I Love My Caravan

Well I am back off our first proper holiday in our new caravan as a family, it was great fun brought so many good memories back for me when I was a child. Just seeing my 2 kids playing out in a safe environment was great climbing trees making dens playing on the park, that was Tyler my eldest. Lexi on the other hand was happy playing in the mud and messing with stones, all the toys we took her and she never bothered with them.

We did plenty of walks to different places where we were, the camp site we were on is called Silverdale camp site in Silverdale its near Carnforth. I used to go here as a child myself so seeing how much the site had changed was great but also to show the places I used to go to my children was even better.

They have a stunning swimming pool, so we were able to try and teach Lexi how to swim and I have to say she is doing great although prefers to splash her Daddies more.


Let me know if you used to have a caravan or still do?

 Paul    August 9th, 2016     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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