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Camping Here I Come

I have fantastic memories of when I was a child, as our family holidays used to be in a touring caravan and also camping in a tent as was my partner’s family holidays back in the day. We both had such great times and had so many wonderful experiences that we have decided to buy a touring caravan and to let our children experience what we experienced as children.

Although it’s a drastic change from cruise holiday to caravan holidays it is an experience I think all children should try. Saturday coming up we are going to a caravan park I used to go to as a kid in a place called Carnforth, it’s called Silverdale camp sight Holgate’s. I do think me and David are more excited about the whole thing than the kids are.

I do think sometimes we forget how stunning some parts of our own country is and I intend to show my kids just how wonderful it is, by touring around the country.


This was the caravan last weekend on our trial weekend 🙂

Let me know if you have ever done caravan holiday’s.

 Paul    July 25th, 2016     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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