Off to India

I am just about to set off for Cochin, a place I have never been before so very excited.  I have completed my Visa which I have to say was easier than expected, I did tell you all about it last time.

I have still yet to pack, arrange to park the car, buy any necessaries from Boots, I am guessing the mosquitoes will have a field day with me, they usually do!   I do have the afternoon still so hopefully all will come good.  I will be leaving around 4am for my drive to Heathrow, flying with Qatar for the first time too – so I will update you on that too.

What to wear?   That is an issue given the hot and wet weather 31 degrees and heavy showers, I imagine the scenery will be green and lush and beautiful, I will share the photos when I get back.

After Cochin, I will be heading for the Kerala Backwaters, lots of Tours to take part in and boarding a River boat for 7 nights.

The itinerary has lots of tuk tuks and Temples, the list of places being visited is vast, starting the the Dutch Palace and through to Vaikom, Chenganda, Kumarakom,  Kavalam, Changkari, the wetland of Lake Vembanad and many more finishing in Alleppey.

There is a visit to elephants in a shelter camp, my daughter did something similar in Thailand and she loved it, I hope I do too, I remember her telling me she got absolutely covered in mud so definitely sounds like I will need a change of clothes!

There is so much to see and do on this trip, I cannot even contemplate it at the moment, I already know it is a tour I will never forget, I look forward to sharing it all with you when I get back.


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