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I am often asked about Visa’s for all over the world, as you will all know, we are not Visa trained and can rarely give any information as there are so many things to take in to account but I have now completed an Indian Visa so I am about to share with you how it went.  I will be leaving for Cochin on 9th October for a 2 night stay before I embark on a Kerala Backwater cruise, more details to follow and am very excited, I will fly with Qatar for the first time and see how they compare.

I applied online for the Tourist 30 day E-Visa. I used this website  the Indian Visa  Online and all in all it took around an hour and cost just under $26, I was taking a lot of care so could have been done quicker I’m sure, I applied on Wednesday and had an email saying the application was granted the next day, this will need to be printed and taken when I go on the 9th October.  This Visa allows access to 28 designated airports and 5 sea ports.

It requested the usual information, passport details and emergency contact which you would expect, also then asked for Parents full names and where they were born.

I did have fun on the section where it asked for all the countries I have been in the last 10 years, I did my best, hit save and continue and was told that I could only put 20 in, so then I went back through my passport and made sure all the stamped visits were on the list and took out some of the other ones, I was surprised just how many places I have been to.

I had to have a different photo of a particular size, I took one on my phone and you can google to re size it or you may well have the capability yourself – I am not very tech minded so needed some help – really simple in the end.

You also need a photo of your passport page and attach that, this could not be more than 300 kb in size but the photo worked well.  There are may options for Visa’s, you can use whichever you want, I chose this one and it looked the simplest and with the E Visa being relatively new i am sure they are all very similar.


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