Ever Needed a Bit More Help at Heathrow?

For anyone that flies out on their holiday, the airport part of it can be a completely tiring event, you can always book a lounge which eases crowds and gives you up to a couple of hours to while away the waiting but there are so many people that need a bit more help, mainly for our passengers that need more help with disabilities but there are so many other people that have other needs, with illnesses that you can’t see.

When you see a child screaming and throwing themselves on the floor do you automatically think they are just having a paddy?  It could be they are suffering from OCD, Asperges or one of many other ailments that affect so many, not just children.

With the likes of Dementia and Autism to name a few, we all need to be aware, currently it takes a call to the airline up to 48 hours before travelling to arrange more assistance but this goes so much further.

Heathrow have recently come up with their ‘Hidden Disability’ programme, the Sunflower Lanyard

This is not a ‘queue jump’ ticket but you will be sent to the shortest queue and can be assured assistance is all around you.

If you are travelling through Heathrow airport within 6 months, just let them know and they can post your lanyard out to you or it can be collected at various locations at all terminals except T1, just email to apply and it will be posted, they say up to 7 working days.  Interestingly,  Heathrow is not the only airport offering the sunflower lanyard scheme, so if you’re flying from other UK airports please contact their customer service team directly or via their websites. They will be able to provide you with information on their current services and a lanyard, if available.

Personally, I think this is a brilliant idea, none of us lives anyone else’s life and we do not know what they are coping with, if you have used this at Heathrow or any other airport please let me know and I can pass on as much helpful information as I can.

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