Day at the Beach

I am just back from a wonderful week away with my sister and my best friend, in light of how the year has started this could not have come at a better time for us all.

I am a cruiser, definitely not a beach person but have since changed my mind about all that sand, I think it was just to do with this beach if I’m honest.  You could take a long walk out, the temperature was lovely and warm, no creatures, fish or seaweed and gentle waves, beautiful.

As many of you will know, wherever I go I seem to take clouds with me, I am the one who has had 3 days of rain in Dubai, torrential storms in Greece over August Bank Holiday and a very wet Easter in Cyprus but this time, the sun shone nearly every day, well  in to the 30’s, we did have a storm over the weekend but it was a welcome relief and the plants and trees had a revival the days after.  I did a bit of gardening in the evening, if anyone has a name for these flowers, let me know, I though it was a Camelia but it’s something else.

We flew from Stansted, Ryanair I’m afraid, nearly had a full on row with the staff at the gate over my case, I had pre booked to take something with me and he argued with me that I hadn’t – so rude!  I am a very competent traveller as I am sure you will all be very pleased to hear as I book so many holidays for you 🙂  I then had to rifle through various emails to prove as much – not impressed.  The seats are uncomfortable, admittedly it was only a 2 hour hop but I couldn’t settle in my seat and when they play that awful tune because they landed on time – do they really need to be praised?  In this day and age it should not be a achievement just expectation.

The villa was only around 10 minutes from Castellon airport, great views to the Sea and a lovely pool, I was outnumbered on the beach excursion so I took it all  in my stride and wandered down just after lunch, about 20 minute walk, would have been quicker but I had to pass a few shops on the way and I am never one to overlook a shopping trip!  (To be honest I was just delaying getting  covered in sand)

I was in for a huge surprise, it was one of the cleanest beaches I have ever seen, nice loungers, admittedly you had to rent them daily but that made it possible to have all the facilities and keep it clean so it was worth the 6 Euros a day in my opinion.

I last went to the Villa about 25 years ago and the village has changed so much in that time, from 1 bar, a bank and a small supermarket, it is now a different world, so many bars and restaurants along the beach front, it was a pleasure to wander through the streets on the very warm evenings.

So I am now back, refreshed with a little touch of the holiday blues but I can go vicariously through all of you.

Have a great Summer, wherever you go ….


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