Being’Off Grid’

I have just had  a few days in the beautiful Forest in Hampshire, lovely wooden cabin, all the luxuries – heated floors,  log fire even a hot tub – idyllic and time well spent, the plan was to get away from it all and just take a breather, I hadn’t planned to have just as much peace and quiet as I got, in theory there was wi-fi but with the huge tree canopies – which were impressive and gorgeous came no coverage for the phones etc.

My initial thought was one of shock and panic – what if?…..  But when i settled in to it after a few hours, I have to say what a refreshing change it was, I was with family and we all noticed a change, we had time for each other, proper conversations and even a few board games, I absolutely loved it and would recommend we all take a bit of time ‘off grid’ now and then, the world didn’t fall apart, did not come to a standstill and my other half managed to fend for himself!

I took some lovely walks,  you could go for miles and just see the odd person here and there with their dogs or on their hired bikes, if you go early enough the deer are out in force and the evenings bring the bats and owls to life, not to mention the squirrels and hedgehogs and a few things I couldn’t quite make out.

On the subject of hedgehogs I am pleased to tell you that I have a small family that visit me every night which is a pleasure to see, I am feeding them dried kitten food and the occasional handful of mealworms.  I have not gone as  far as building them a ‘house’ but watch this space, as soon as it gets dark they appear – they were fed while I was away I did check.

What do you think?  Get away from it all, back to nature and pre technology, I just wish I could have been there longer, would you or would you race around in the car trying for a signal?

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