4 Legged Toddler in the House!

Many of you will know, I have a new addition to the household, please meet Mac  – mackerel he has become at home, no particular reason and I have no idea where it has come from, probably because he is a slippery little pup.

I picked him up about a month ago, gorgeous, quiet, shy little bundle he was then, we all know that was never going to stay that way, now he is in to everything just like having a toddler in the house!   Mum is a bearded collie and dad is a terrier, I met his mum, aunty, grandma and 5 other brothers and sisters so I know what to expect.

Already he has outgrown his crate, he was not a fan ever anyway and we have decided against caging him, what we have is a baby gate at the kitchen so he can be in there at least until his feet  dry, spending a bit more time in there for the next couple of months I imagine.

Working from home is ideal for him, as much as I cannot have him in the office with me – too destructive at the moment, I am already looking at just pieces of deck plans, I can keep an eye on him and hear what he is up to, regular checks for hugs and treats certainly breaks the day up too.

We started puppy classes last week and I have to say he was the star of the show, that will be the collie in him, having had alsatians and collies before and crosses of those I know just how intelligent they are, he is a quick learner although he refuses to get off the sofa, so a quick carry to ‘puppy jail’ for 10 minutes and in time he will give up.  Second class is tonight, after being terrible in the car he now just accepts his fate and snoozes now which makes a welcome break from the screaming and whining before.

If you have any tips, please pass them on, it has been over 20 years since I had a puppy in the house, the sleepless nights are just about over as long as he can sleep on my pillow next to me – I know that’s not ideal but when you get as tired as we have been it is a small price to pay, once he gets to full size that will be a different matter I’m sure, saying that my gorgeous Cassie was a large dog and she didn’t leave my side for 13 years, looking forward to the next chapter with him very much.

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