2020 So Far So Good?

What a start to the year we have had, I was kind of hoping that this year would take a bit longer than 2019 but not looking like it so far.

This year has seen so many struggles already, maybe we are getting everything out the way early on but I am not sure I would put my house on it.

From weather disasters to a  virus, we have dealt with so much, I will take this opportunity to thank all my guests for their patience whilst we try to navigate you and others around the world sometimes on a moment’s notice.  Severe flooding, fires, the virus and even sandstorms in the Canaries are causing havoc all over the world and we are not even in to March yet and I have just heard we have a snow warning on the way too.

As a business, we are doing everything possible to make the changes as seamless as possible, admittedly there will be issues but please rest assured we will do all we can to assist all of our clients in every way we can.

How seriously are you taking the threat of the virus?  How far do you go with isolation, neighbours, whole schools?  What do you think?

There is good news as well, Summer is on it’s way and many new ships will be joining the oceans and with more eco-friendly procedures and with sustainability at the forefront as we do need to look at the longer term picture of everything we do.  On a daily basis, life will continue and we still all need to look forward whilst all doing ‘our bit’

I am seeing many guests looking further ahead whilst waiting to see the health situation for this year and getting some fabulous holidays in for 2021, it may seem a long way off but the way this year is going, I might just blink a few too many times and miss it completely!

There are so many beautiful and amazing places around the World, I still have so many to see as I am sure many of you do too, if you were given a really good budget, where would be top your list and you can only pick 1 – just to make you think a bit harder 🙂

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