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Hello Everyone Thank you for visiting my page.  My name is Dani, and I have 11 years experience working within the travel industry.  Ever since I found out that Travel and Tourism was a course available to me in school, it was what I always wanted to do, and then…

Posted on Oct 17, 2019
My Family Holiday

By the time you are reading this, I would be halfway through my holiday, and this year, it isn't just any old holiday, this year is a family holiday.  We have myself, and my wife; my two sisters and their daughters, my mum and her best friend, my auntie, and…

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Posted on Oct 3, 2019
End of an Era!

It truly is the end of an era, Thomas Cook has ceased trading, they were the original travel package provider and it was a sad day for all those involved with Thomas Cook - whether it be staff or customer. My travel journey started with Thomas Cook wayyyy back in…

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Posted on Sep 18, 2019
Are you a Vegan or Vegetarian? Worried about Cruising?

Fear not, the cruise lines have you covered!  Being a vegetarian or vegan has never been easier.... With society changing as quickly as the seasons, it is not surprising, that the cruise lines have seen an increase in the number of non-meat eaters onboard their sailings With the ever-growing (no…

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Posted on Aug 28, 2019
The Big 32!

Where has August gone!?!  And in fact - where has the whole year gone!  Can't believe we are coming into September already, what a whirlwind of a year it has been.  So much of a whirlwind that I almost forgot I turn 32 on Friday! 32!! Madness!  So anyway, we…

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Posted on Aug 12, 2019
What do we do with a Drunken Sailor?

Now I know what you are thinking - who got drunk? Well, unfortunately, my blog this week isn't about a captain, passenger or cruise ship staff getting drunk, it is in fact about P&O Oceana canceling of its sailings through Dubai.  Seems to be all over the news recently about…

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Posted on Jul 30, 2019
My Weekend Away!

What a glorious few weeks of decent weather we have had (except today where it is now raining - the joys of a British summer).  So, my wife and I don't often get a decent amount of time off together, so with the weather being the way it was, we…

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Posted on Jul 15, 2019
I’m sure I am going mad!

For those that don't know me, I am 31 years (going on 32), and as a child, I did play a lot of sports.  However the age old excuse, life got in the way, and so, as a consequence, from the age of 16/17 right up until I turned 27,…

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Posted on Jul 1, 2019
MSC follow the Trend………..

MSC Cruises has just revealed a big announcement… From June 25th 2019, the line will include the daily service charge as part of the cruise fare! Gratuities will be at no extra cost to the customer and any bookings made after this date will be subject to the new terms and conditions. Any bookings made before this date, regardless of departure date, will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable at the time of booking, that state service charge will be included as part of the onboard invoice. However, it is optional and can be removed on board at the request of the guest. P&O Cruises also announced the decision to scrap gratuities altogether last year which was valid from May…

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Posted on Jun 17, 2019
1st Girls Holiday!

It might surprise you to find out that at the tender age of 31, I have recently returned from my first girls holiday!  I know, I know, I should have "maximised my youth" and gone on a few 18-30 holidays, but it never interested me.  I always holidayed with partners…

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Posted on Jun 3, 2019
Strictly Come Dancing!

It was my nan's 80th Birthday back in February, and it's the age old story (pun intended sorry!), what do you get someone.  Do you get them a piece of jewellery as it is a big birthday, do you get them a keepsake?  Well, this was the predicament I was…

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