We were rollin’ all over the dance floor!

We just got back from an amazing Christmas conference on the Marco Polo.  Last Sunday we set sail from Bristol to Dublin for a 3 night ‘Christmas festive party cruise’.   As many of us (including me) work from home it was fantastic to be able to put some faces to names and enjoy some festive fun with colleagues as well as meet cruise line suppliers who were telling us about all the exciting thing’s they had in store for the year ahead!


In the daytime we had lots of talks, game shows and giggles in the show lounge.  We enjoyed the fantastic food, drinks and atmosphere on-board the ship.  When in Dublin we had a great night out in Temple Bar.  Dublin was beautiful with all the Christmas decorations!


The most memorable part of our cruise I would say would have to be the waves!!  The Marco Polo holds about 800 passengers so is quite a small ship.  That, along with the force 9 gale blowing on the way back to Bristol caused many of us to be sick and it was a struggle to even stand up.  I must say Cruise and Maritime dealt with this very well though with the plentiful supply of sick bags and sickness tables to help all of us.  The crossing over to Dublin, although rocky, wasn’t quite as bad and I managed a night out at ‘Scott’s bar’.  We all dressed up as film characters which included some fantastic ones with my favourites being the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team, Mrs Brown and our directors made an amazing cast of the Wizard of Oz!  My favourite moment of the came when the dance floor was full, the ship was swaying and the DJ put ‘Rolling on the River’ on.  The image of everyone trying to dance to this song on the dance floor while the waves rolled everyone from one side of the dance floor to the other will stick with me forever.


I hope all of my customers have a Fantastic Christmas and thank you so much for making my year such a good one and for being the reason I love my job!

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