The Scarlett Lady – Her aim is to pop the cherry of as many cruising Virgins as possible!

Yesterday we had a webinar with the lovely people at Virgin cruises to tell us all about the Scarlett Lady.  I wasn’t convinced at first (based on my pre-conceptions of the brand) but after hearing all about her I would absolutely love to get on-board and think that they will offer a truly unique cruise experience!  Their aim is to create a whole new cruising experience (rather than replicating what other cruise lines have to offer) and to appeal to those who don’t cruise and offer a premium experience in what will feel more like a city than a cruise ship.  They will offer a modern feel to their ships and include new concepts for entertainment and dining.

So, let me tell you a bit about Virgin (there is so much to tell!)


All restaurants are included within the price you pay for the cruise.  There are no buffet restaurants and no large main dining restaurant.  Instead, guests can choose from over 20 different dining experiences scattered around the ship offering various cuisines and a more intimate dining experience with as much choice as you would get on the high street.  There will be no forced formal wear night or assigned dining times or venues.



Water and fizzy drinks are included in the price.  Virgin aren’t offering a drinks package.  They believe this compromises on the quality of the drinks and instead aim to keep costs of drinks down so that guests can enjoy a great experience and service without feeling they need to have a drinks package.


Service charges and gratuities

These will be all included in the price of the cruise!



This will incorporate entertainment which you would be used to seeing in a big city rather than a ship.  Virgin strive to create the best entertainment possible and offer unique venues where the audience can really feel immersed and feel like they are watching something truly special.  One evening option which I thought sounded truly unique is their ‘sparties’ which are relaxed spa sessions at night with a DJ providing chill out music to enhance the atmosphere.


Virgin will include wi-fi for each guest on the cruise.  Great to keep in touch with loved ones and post pictures of the amazing time you are having on-board!


The Beach Club at Bimini

This is a beautiful looking area exclusive to Virgin cruises guests in the Bahamas and will be included in all of their cruises.  It offers a beautiful chilled out setting to relax in the day and evolves into a scene reminiscent of those from Ibiza in the evening with top DJ’s playing especially for Virgin Cruises guests.  Mark Ronson has already been booked for the maiden voyage!



Virgin will be designing contemporary, spacious feeling cabins and suites for guests.  There will be a minimal number of inside cabins and most will be outside, balcony or suites.  The standard cabins will be set up how the guests request, and the bed can be turned into a large sofa in the day to give a nice lounge area to relax in.  Décor will include LED lights!  The designs of the suites look like looks spectacular.   The largest of which including large dining areas outside and hot tubs.  Suite guests will also have their own exclusive area on deck.


I could go on about all the exciting concepts Virgin have in store for their guests!  So, I’m sold!  What do you all think about the sound of Virgin cruises?  Would it be for you or do you prefer a more traditional cruising experience?


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