I’m not a gambler so what can I do in Las Vegas? Part 2

As I said in my last blog, there is so much to do in Las Vegas and the atmosphere is buzzing so you really don’t need to be a gambler to enjoy a visit.  Sights I enjoyed were seeing the volcano erupt outside the Mirage Hotel, this combines the eruption with music to make a spectacular show!  A bit further down the strip is another iconic show which is free to watch, the Fountains of the Bellagio!  I found myself stopping to watch this on more than one occasion!


On one evening I decided to get tickets to the Hypnosis show.  I’m not really into big production shows so I thought this would be fun to watch and to see whether it actually does work.  To test this theory to the fullest I volunteered (among many others) to go up on stage whilst the hypnotist tried to get us to do all sorts or silly things.  I felt a little spaced out but didn’t fully go under.  As this was the case I was chosen to leave the stage.  Sitting back in my seat I became very relieved about this as I witnessed the remaining participants pretending to be animals and doing other crazy things.  This appeared to be very real and I was convinced.  I recommend this for a fun night out for anyone to take part or just to watch.

Another fun night was spent in a bar in the New York New York hotel where I stayed for 2 nights.  I came across duelling pianos for the very first time and this is fantastic!  We had to queue to get into the bar but this was due to the fun atmosphere which made people not want to leave.  If you are not familiar with this it is basically a sing along where 2 pianists play songs (and sometimes take requests) in an entertaining manner and audience participation through singing and dancing is encouraged.  You really have to experience it to discover quite how fun this can be.


In the day-time we ventured slightly out of the centre to try out the rifle range.  This seems to be something everyone ticks off their list in Vegas and is a great, fun experience.


I don’t think I even touched the surface of all Vegas has to offer.  I’ve heard so many things about great pool parties, night clubs and shows.  I would also love to visit the Grand Canyon which I didn’t do on my last trip!  This all means one thing…  A return trip needs to be planned very soon!  I would recommend Las Vegas to you whether you like to gamble or not.  It is like no other place on earth!



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