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Greetings cruisers

I hope you are all getting ready for your summer cruise, I know there are plenty of you with cruises quickly approaching, which is something I like to see. I have my yearly main holiday quickly approaching and you may find it a surprise to hear I will not be cruising ! I am off for a couple of weeks to Bulgaria with the family, not my ideal holiday sat around the pool all day catching some rays, however it has been some years since I have been on holiday with my whole family and I felt it was time to fix that.

Anyways I digress again!

Sometime last week I took a call from a single lady that really wanted to try a cruise but was worried her special friend and companion may not be able to travel, sounded a strange question, was her friend wanted by the FBI, did the friend not have a passport, well actually after a few seconds later, I found out her special friend was her guide dog. Too be honest I had never been asked that question before, however I do remember back in the day seeing guide dogs casually wandering around the ship with their owners, and seeing them get so much attention.  Anyways once I looked into the question of guide dogs I found the all cruise lines will allow guide dogs, however there are certain conditions with each cruise line.

I was very happy to find this and passed on this information to my customer and you could hear the excitement in her voice on telling her this good news, its great to hear you making someones day when finally they can take a holiday they have always wanted too. I will now look forward to booking this ladies dream cruise holiday.

Please click the link below to find out each cruise lines conditions regarding guide dogs.

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