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So another couple of weeks have passed and its full steam ahead, it all seems to be kicking off and I have no idea what day of the week it is, our company brought in a brand new internal system last week and I have felt like a duck in water, calm above the surface but very much legs flapping below ! None of us like change but it had to happen, anyways I’m still learning and things are much easier today, anyways I have no idea why I am sharing this with you, you really don’t care……

Anyways what I did want to discuss was cruise lines drinks packages, now I may of mentioned this in the past but the old grey cells are not as strong as they once were. It seems they are not always as they seem and a little bit of research would be highly recommended, for example, most of us have that favourite beer or we only drink a particular spirit and will not accept any other alternative, I know I can only drink Bacardi Light or Havana dark rum, and no other alternative is acceptable, we are all creatures of habit. So on a recent ship visit that included a drinks package I was very disappointed to find that my drink of choice was not included in the standard drinks package and so had to pay an additional charge every time I ordered my Havana Dark rum and coke. It was only for a couple of days, so not the end of the world, however it made me think, if I was on a cruise for 2 weeks and had to do this every time I ordered my favourite drink It would really annoy me. To buy a drinks package and then find my favourite tipple was not included as it was classed as premium Jeez that would really frustrate me, so bearing this in mind and hoping to save you from huge disappointment I have added a link below that should help you steer clear and not repeat the mistake I made. I know, in this crazy world we live in, there really is much more serious problems to worry about !!! However for those 2 special weeks of the year it is so important to get our special cruise off to a good start.

Use this link, because trust me you will be thanking me later.


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