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I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer, well as I write this I am currently by the pool in Bulgaria enjoying my summer holiday. The weather is beautiful and I am quickly falling into old habits, the drinks are flowing and the food is amazing. The only downside is I am chief baby sitter and the kids want to visit the water park for the 20th time, oh well I am sure I will be able to watch them from the surf bar, and anyways there are plenty of life guards around, so I will let them do their job.

We decided to stay away from Sunny Beach and are situated about 20k from the Romanian border, so we as Brits are very much in the minority. Never seen so many kids so the head phones are well and truely placed over my ears at the maximum volume. Surprisingly they are all way behaved and I am probably sure the help yourself ice cream machine is doing its job.

Bulgaria has never been a place I have really thought about as a holiday destination, however it is a very friendly place and the beaches are stunning, just another country to tick off list.

If by chance any of my regulars read my blog, I will be back in the office on the 19th August refreshed and ready to book your next cruise.

So for time being there is an ice cold beer with my name on it, and I should really not let it get warm. Oh and the pizza here is to die for, it looks like I will be needing a crane to get me off the plane, the belly is growing day by day.

So I am signing off now and will enjoy the rest of my hard earnt holiday leave.

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